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Just a little Tip:

Under XP and 2K, if the automatic file restoring interfers with your actions, you can do the following to use it to your advantage:

1.) Log in with an Admin account and set Explorer to show hidden system files and file extensions

2.) Go to Windows\System32\dllcache (this folder contains the backups in compressed format)

Now you have three choices:

A.) Append .bak to the existing file, (example: dxmasf.dll.bak), then put a copy of the new dxmasf.dll into the folder

B.) Delete or remove the existing dxmasf.dll from the dllcache and put the new one in

C.) Overwrite the old one with the newer one

Which one of the three methods you use is more or less irrelevant, but since it is always good to have a backup of the original (just in case) i recommend Method A.

Now for the final step. Since the dllcache now contains the 'right' file, Windows can obviously no longer restore the 'wrong' one. Hence you can now simply delete the one in \system32 and wait until a copy from the dllcache appears.
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