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Default Ultrabuffer for smooth playback directly from CD ROM drive

I recently made a DVD->DivX convertion and I was amazed about the quality I’ve got, however, I’ve never imagined that this would be a problem when played direclty from a CD drive. The file was muxed with AC3 audio using AVI mux GUI which is excelent for making optimized AVI’s to be played directly from the Cdrom drive. The movie file is so heavy some times that the CD drive speed (mine 52X) is not enough, when playing the file from HD no problem. Is there any possibility to add to bsplayer a prebuffer feature that copies (pre-caches, pre-buffers, or however you want to call it) 40 or 50 MB of the movie in RAM memory ? so the movie plays smoothly as if it were played in the hard disk, while the CD rom drive only tries to maintain the buffer full. This way, the same way that Nero has that ultra buffer feature for burning a CD (same concept but in the other direction) can be quite revolutionary for a media player, not to mention that many bad muxed avi files will play smoothly. This will not only help movies to play well but imagine having 2 CD drives and a 2 CD's DivX movie, one CD in each drive. When 1 CD finishes the other one is already loaded in buffer so a perfect switch (maybe unnoticeable) between CD1 and CD2 can be made ! Of course these features can be turned off by user... well I hope you like these ideas and I hope you make them real. Now, the only real solution I tested is to include 2 audio stream in the AVI, for the one who's playing directly from the CD, he can select a VBR MP3, for the one who copied the movie to the hard disk, he can select AC3. Have you seen how good AC3 filter 0.68 is?(author's website: ) I really recomend it, even if you don't have an 5.1 channel sound card, this filter will try to emulate that spatial effect. You can even enable quadro (2 front 2 rear speakers) mode for those with Sound Blaster PCI 128 and above, is still not 5.1 but it's better that normal stereo!
Well, that's all folks
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