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Unhappy [FIXED] bs player bug - subtitles no longer being auto-found online

Hi all,


bs player all versions since i switched to vista 64 and now win 7 64 (over 2 years ago) would after a random number of days/weeks working properly decide to stop finding subtitles.
No its not internet connection, and no I havent installed any new software to cause this. Bs player just randomly decides to not find subtitles even for the movies it previously could find. I upgraded bs player many times and new versions havent fixed it yet. Normally (many) uninstall(s) and random version install(s) would fix it, but not any more.


First- bs player is absolutely the best player out there by far. I love that it stops movie on click, autoloads subtitles and allows you to easily navigate through movie using the mouse back/forward buttons. Also movie mode is great on my 16:10 screen for viewing 16:9 content with subtitles below the movie.

If you read above carefully you'd notice I used "subtitles" alot. Sadly this is the feature that is most flimsy in bs player. I have been using it for past 2 years in vista/win7 and every so often - once in a blue moon - bs player would stop finding subtitles. It would appear as if searching, but would find nothing. At first I thought it could be the connection or whatever, but its not. Its bs player alone. It would inexplicably decide not to find any more subtitles for any of my movies, even the ones it used to be able to find. Only workaround until now was to uninstall bs and install a different version. New version have done nothing to fix this. I would have to install/uninstall many times and hope each time that it would fix itself. Until today, this worked for 10+ times in past 2 years. Now it just wont fix itself so I'm finally desperate enough to try and post here.

So, its not internet connection- its not other software- i dont install anything, apps/games/drivers- but bs player still decides on a random date to stop finding subtitles. There are 2 choices in the newer bs player versions and the 1st one would stop working while the 2nd one (the one that gets poor results) is still working. Now both dont find anything.
I'm hoping to find some answers and help.

I have c2quad 6600, 4gb ram, ati 4850 512ram with the current 10.3 drivers (also had many many others before- no difference) on win7 64 ultimate.

Last bs player version to try 252.1031
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