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Yes, every now and then, I get .mkv file that has VobSub subtitles embedded.

I am using the old subtitle renderer. I don't really know what the differences are, but I would be glad if someone could explain them to me - it can be very technical and with all the details, as I'm very perceptible with computer stuff.

Anyway, now that you mentioned this, I have also tried to switch to the new subtitle renderer and the only difference is, that I don't get the beforementioned error message anymore, still, I get no subtitles. BS.Player shows that they are enabled, it even gives me the option to chose between different languages and all, but subtitles just don't show.

I have also tried all my .mkv archive and the ones that don't include embedded VobSub subtitles, do work totally OK with BS.Player - no vsfilter/vobsub needed... still it would be nice if BS.Player could support embedded VobSub subtitles too, as I have mentioned - that enables DxVA then and this is becoming more and more important with HD content being more and more present each day.
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