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Default Suggestions - fades and subtitle servers


either i didn't find the feature in the software or it hasn't been added yet. There are two things that cruelly miss in bsp:
  • First thing, has been down for a few days now which disables a main feature! Downloading subs automatically was so practical but as it is limited to only one server it is very fragile...
  • Second thing, i like listening to the sort of music that is divided in several cuts but that has to be fluent during the transitions. An example of this is Vangelis's music. My computer, when it starts reading the next file it needs some time to open it so there is a little half-a-second break in the music and it isn't supposed to be there... Under WMP i avoided the problem by turning on the fade transition and putting it to 0: the media player would prepare the transition and everything would be fluent. I can't do that with BSP!

Thanks for reading me, I really like BSP, so I just wanted to suggest some things that are missing...
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