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Default Static frame shown when on screen text displayed

BS Player has recently started showing a fixed frame when I change the volume or seek forward or back (left or right arrows) through the file. The frame will remain static while there is text being displayed/updated (such as the volume level or time) and then normal playback will resume.

The fixed frame is usually a blank frame when you start a file but may display a random image from earlier in the video. While the frame remains static the text being displayed will update correctly.

I am currently using version 2.53 build 1034, however I cannot be sure if the problem was introduced with this version or if it began with an earlier version.

This problem appears to be unique to the EVR video renderer as it does not occur when using the VMR9 video renderer, however the quality of the displayed image is significantly reduced with VMR9 - noticably more blocky or pixellated when in full screen.

I am using Windows 7 with an Ati Radeon 4850 and the latest Ati drivers.
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