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Default Update

I have experimented some more and found the following:

The problem occurs with both 2.52-1031 and 2.53-1034.
When seeking forward and back the static frame that is displayed changes.
When changing volume the static frame is displayed but is unchanged.
The problem also occurs when subtitles are displayed.

This problem is evident on 2 separate computers.
This problem is evident with the latest graphics drivers as well as the older ones that I was using when I originally observed the problem.

As stated previously, this problem is only evident with the EVR video renderer. The problem does not appear with either the overlay renderer or with the VMR9 renderer, however these are not viable alternatives as the overlay renderer is incompatible with Aero and the VMR9 renderer produces a very low quality image.

It appears as if any text on screen is being rendered to a buffer containing a still image from the video and this still image is obscuring the active video frames rather than having the text simply blended as intended. Once the text dissappears the active video can be seen again.

Any help would be very welcome indeed!


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