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Thanks, I don't know what is "new subtitle renderer" as write Ico-man (i was thinking that new subtitle renderer = new provider of subtitles = server of subtitles).

Now, I switch language to English and navigate under your suggestions.
In the Options-Preferences-Subtitles-Subtitles properties tab: I check Use new subtitle parser/renderer now. Now there is checked Use outline font, Use antialiased font, Auto load any subtitles in current directory, Use new subtitle parser/renderer and Enable drawing subtitles under image with EVR renderer. Item Draw subtitles to Overlay surface is deselected.
Options-Preferences-Video-Video rendering tab: Rendering mode is EVR.
BSP version is 2.53 build 1034.
But, subtitles already are not displayed.

I check item Draw subtitles to Overlay surface. But, situation is the same.
After reinstaling in default mode (menu for current user, Save seting in user home) - the situation is the same.
After reinstaling for all users (menu etc for all users, setting in installation folder] - situation is the same.

On the Windows 7 X64 system the BSP display subtitles OK without any setting. Only on Server2008 X64 are subtitles not functional.
All these system uses ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO and the same hardware (all these systems are on the same multibooted machine).
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