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Well, I have BS player PRO 2.53. After changing to another rendering mode and than back to mine, anything started to work properly.

BUT, still.
BS player keeps freezing in the end of the video. 9/10 times in the end, it stops 1 second before end, freezes, does nothing. i have to kill the process via task manager. This happens almost everytime, mostly in longer videos (10mins +). If I rewind the video to the end and watch it, it will properly stop/or restart playing, depending on my settings. But, if I watch it second by second, it tends to freeze. This also happen often when I have to close movie I ve been watching for 20 minutes, anything will freeze. Any suggestions? :)
PS: I use Direct Draw Surface (or something similar, its the first item on a list of rend.). Any other renderers dont work properly, one of them makes subtitles too big, others tend to make OSD too long, some of them play just sound without picture etc. Id really appreciate some help with this. Happens with any movie types, mostly .avi. .rmvb, .mkv, .flv etc.
I also have K-Lite Codecs installed, the biggest pack without player. Anything works properly except this freezing.

But mostly THANK you for quick response and help !
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