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What type of subtitles are we talking about?
- As i wrote in past: standart .srt (mostly)
I assume in the past you never had such problem?
- Well, yes, I had it in the past, updated to 2,56 and now, I have this problem once again.
Any new video card drivers installed recently? (or auto-update?)
Are you using old or new subtitle engine or.. is "Use new subtitle parser/renderer" selected/deselected under
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > Subtitles [Subtitle properties] ?
Also is "Enable drawing subtitles under image with EVR renderer" selected/deselected?
(What happens if you change that setting?)
Yes, its unabled, but nothing happens even if I disable it.
What OS are you running on your PC?
Windows 7 Ultimate
My GPU is old one - Radeon X1600 Pro

--- However, now the subtitles arent the problem, I am worried about FREEZING now :(. It sometimes happens in the end (1 sec before) and sometimes when I pause the actually running video and doubleclick another - BS will freeze - I have to shut the process down via Task Manager. This often happens with opened video and doubleclicking .mp3 files. Simply, when I have loaded video, BS tends to freeze everytime it has to open new file and/or reopen old file (when the video ends and repeat is enabled).

Yes, i thought about it, but this BSP was a gift from my friend who is now far away and has some family problems, so I didnt want to bother him with this, + I thought that I will get faster reply here (and I was right ! ;)).
Anyway, if we cant solve this problem here, I will not hesitate and ask him about the e-mail he used ;)
Thank you again for help !
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