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Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
I'm unfamiliar with Hebrew. I just used an internet translation for 'Hi man'.
One of the meanings of 'man' is husband.
But in fact if it is nonsense, that is of no importance.
It only serves to get a better idea what exactly you mean.
Your second post isn't helpfull at all.
It most surely doesn't help me to "get it".
E.g. it doesn't even answer my clear and entirely relevant question about the script.
Another question: is the box "Use new subtitle parser/renderer" selected?
((rightclick >) Options > Preferences > Subtitles [Subtitle properties])
If so, could you test what happens if you deselect it (or vice versa)?
Tnx.. man it works !
I deselected "Use new subtitle parser/renderer" now its work fine ! i mean.. its not messed/reversed !
tnx for help me
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