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It's 2.57 b1051. Indeed, you were right! But, i would be generous if I say that subtitle quality is awful with VMR. It's not excluded that I'm doing everything wrong. I just can't make it to fit my needs. You see, I'm using very very large font (arial, 55, bold) with BS set to auto resize font to keep 2 lines of text with very low subtitle position offset (negative values), so sub is always at very bottom on my 17'' 4:3 monitor. When movie is in 16:9 aspect, everything is perfect! And PERFECT, once again! But, when movie is in fullscreen, it is quite difficult to watch without background, but then virtually half of movie image is covered. I hope U can understand what I'm tryin' to explain. To cut long story short, can I do one of these things:

1. auto resize font size on VMR which supports alpha background, to keep 2 lines of txt
2. adjust back. alpha for default render, which supports font autoresize
3. autoresize font with transparent background on any possible way, except using EVR

And thank you BSPeter for considering my request, I know I'm probably pain in the a**, but I'm also a movie nerd (so to speak).
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