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Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
What do you mean by "so many" ???? You must be kidding me! One report out of 43 is many ???? Only F-Prot (????) apparently reported "file is damaged". If you don't believe us, why ask? Maybe also read this: (F-Prot came out as the very last of 25 anti-virus applications; "Effectiveness: ... In our own tests, F-Prot found a handful of false positives (the software detected “malware” files that really were fine)." The Verdict about F-Prot: "Not worth it; look elsewhere").
I'm sorry that you missunderstood what I said.
Of course it's not about the report of the last version bsplayer, with only 1/43 from F-Prot.
By "so many" I mean I checked every version of bsplayer from - Download Free Software (there are 12 versions bsplayer) and no one was clean on VirusTotal.
But I downloaded bsplayer not only from filehippo, also from other trusted sites like softpedia, cnet, etc. The result was always bad on VirusTotal (1/43, 2/43, even 4/43). Anyway, the file with only 1/43 result gave always also an error message on my desktop, with "invalid...".
That is why I said "so many reports" because I did not find a single version bsplayer with result 0/43 on VirusTotal. Why is this way?
Of course I trust the VirusTotal site and I want to believe you.
But this situation is still very strange and I needed an explanation on this forum.
I did not intend any offense!
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