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If your stuttering is anything like mine, heres the cure:

under subtitles in preferences: disable drawing subtitles under video in EVR.

Thats it. Subtitles will no longer work under the video, but the stuttering is gone. It has been driving me mad. I accidentally noticed that there was no stuttering in mkv h264 files that had no subtitles. I played with subtitle options and viola.

Btw i too have q6600 with p45 chipset and nvidia gpu- gtx 460. I updated the drivers, codecs, bsplayer itself.. nothing helped- until I accidentally figured it out.

The other workarround I found is to use interlanal direct draw surface instead of EVR for video rendering. It works fine 99.9% of the time. It crashes BS player on exit. I found it a good tradeoff, but now, most times I really dont need subitles to render under the picture as most shows are 16:9. I also found out that in movies with higher aspects, subtitles/bsplayer work fine anyway, so I might as well tick "show subtitles under EVR" when watching these.

The bizare thing in all of this is, that for a couple of days bsplayer worked fine- no stuttering even with EVR and subtitles being drawn where they should be- under the video. All of a suddent it stopped working and... here we are.

I hope this saves somene the trouble of figuring it out. I do wish bsplayer woud fix it. It seams like one problem after another with bs player. If other players werent so lame, Id ditch bslpayer long time ago..
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