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Default Best player out there but...

.. :) There's always a but. This time is the interface. I got some hints that will improve user experience while using your player (and I mean - I'ts best out there!)

- redesign (repaint) buttons - now they looks 90tish or so - we're at ICS era, it's just stands out not in a good way
- since double tap is for pause (i suggest single tap) I suggest such an implementation:
. pause/play - single tap
. +/- 60sec double tap right/left edge of the screen
. swipe right/left - seek movie for swipe length (longer -> further seek) - defined time, but i.e. 30sec: full screen swipe, 10sec: just a bit, etc
- allow to disable playlist generation (recent played, etc) or/and easier way to clean it (menu/clean recent played, etc)
- add option to disable folders and files with . [dot] at the beginning - (not only .nomedia) - some programs leave thumbnails in such a folders - no need to see it, as usually it's a rubbish
- Browse/Playlist - please add Favorites - and not the just a file but folder/directory, I'm not watching the same movie all over again, I'm watching new movie from folder movie buried on my sd card :)
- subtitles - please add outline shadow to text and ability to make it bold - while bold text outlined black looks best in all scenes

Now bugs I've spotted:
- mkv movie (matroska 23.976fps, h264, 1280x720) - when swipe on the screen it's just reset to beginning of the movie

OK, lots ow whining - but it's just a hints for better GUI, not much :) Overall it's the best player I've found till today.

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