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Well, well, well...

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciated your endurance, with me, it's never easy and many support teams were driven mad because of me, however, good news for today, after total amount of more then 30 hours (not straight of course, lol), after more then 50 installations (I actually might have invented a way, how to run 3 BS Players - 3 different versions at the same time, of course, at that time, I thought, I lost my computer for good, after what followed..), uninstallations and reinstallations, after more then 10 different packages of codecs, both pirated and free, after a several harsh hits into my keyboard...

... I figured it out!

Let's recap this, shall we?

I) BS Player works fine with .mkv 720p
II) BS Player works fine, after external .srt were loaded in
III) BS Player went mad, at the exact time, when it went full-screen
IV) full-screen with NO .srt however, worked just fine!

--> problem MUST be the .srt or subtitles in general! YES!


1) right-click on the screen
2) "Options" -> "Preferences" -> "Subtitles"
3) select "Subtitles properties"
4) [x] "Enable drawing subtitles under image with EVR renderer" -> DISABLE THIS!

So far so good, fingers crossed, one less pain to deal with.

Oh and by the way, BS Player NEEDS a better skin, but that's a topic for another day, I'd point here, for any lucky people, who stumbles onto this amazingly "dumb" topic: Phoenix by ~Gocilla on deviantART

Let's roll!

Best Regards,
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