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seriously, lower your screen resolution to at most 800x600, 256 colors

then set in preferences>subtitles>display subs in overlay

try the movies, all should play in overlay. You might get a slowdown with Xvid encoded stuff but perhaps your comp is fast enough.

And also, concerning the hardware -- check your cables that lead from MB to the hard-drives and CDROM drives. if they're the old type (low density), try to upgrade to the new type (high-density), it should speed up the data transfers. You can recognize the low-density cable from the high-density one when you compare the cable leading to the 1.44" diskette-drive to the one leading to your main HDD. if their density matches (line density, not cable width), you've got old, low-density cables. If not, you already have the good high-density cables. If you don't understand what I just wrote, ask your technician.
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