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Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
This message usually appears when the videocard it's used by another aplication or it's a model that can't support DirectX 9. Try to swich in video renderer to VMR7.
On the other way, your video drivers are up to date ?
Have you installed lately aplications that use the video card ?
Yesterday I had updatet my videocard.
Before I tried to install DirectX9, but it didn't work.
I had an error for the game League of Legends.
Then I updatet my videocard and that worked.

Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
Maybe you're using "EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer)" under XP?
Then indeed this message will be shown.
"Failed to allocate subtitle surface
Subtitles will not be available."
This setting (of the 'rendering mode') can be changed under:
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > Video > [Video rendering]
E.g. try "Internal renderer overlay (default)" or "Internal renderer DirectDraw surface".

Misschien gebruik je "EVR (Verbeterde beeldbewerking (Vista/Win7))" onder XP?
Dan wordt inderdaad deze boodschap weergegeven:
"Het toewijzen van een oppervlakte voor ondertitels is mislukt.
Er zullen dan ook geen ondertitels beschikbaar zijn."
Deze instelling (van de 'video rendering') kan worden gewijzigd onder:
(rechter muisklik >) Opties > Voorkeurinstellingen > Video > [Video weergave]
Probeer b.v. "Interne beeldbewerking 'overlay' (standaard)" of "Interne beeldbewerking 'DirectDraw' oppervlak"

You didn't mention which version/build number of BS.Player you're using.
Ditto ... which OS you use (XP/Vista/Win7)?
Je hebt niet aangegeven welk versie/codeset nummer van BS.Player je gebruikt.
Idem ... welk OS je gebruikt (XP/Vista/Win7)?

(@adicoto: this message also shows when using EVR under XP)
Sorry, I use Win7 and the version of BSplayer is 2.61.
Now I tried the settings and it worked!
So thanks both for the help!
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