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Usually sound problems are something really stupid that you overlooked. Getting fancy with uninstalling codecs and reinstalling them won't help you if you accidentally turned the sound off. There are a few simple places to look. The sys tray.. double click the sound icon and check your volume of wave output and overall output and make sure none of them are clicked muted.

In BSplay it is easy to accidentally turn the sound off and not realize it. You should see a cone of little lines underneath the sound icon for BSplay on the Bsplay toolbar. If it isnt there drag from left to right in that area and it will appear and you should hear sound.

The other one is that you may have digital output only selected in your regular sound settings(accessed by the systray, advanced settings).. that will kill your sound too.

AND FINALLY.. check the cabling to your speakers and the volume knobs there.. Make sure the cable is plugged into the right port.. sometimes some jackass can pull it out and put it back wrong.

THESE are the most common reasons for no sound, not aliens, viruses or codecs.
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