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Default Problem solved! :-)

First ontopic:

Deleting rgn.dat in the skin folder finally solved my problems with Any Shape Main.bmp's.
You can also delete rgnfs.dat, tha appearently saves settings for the full sreen panel.
(These files will automatically be regenerated when the skin is used. But you do loose the current history list)

The result: the color of the upper-left pixel becomes the invisible color. The default ugly pink color becomes a visible color, just like any other color. All fine! :-)

Boy, how stupid I was, wasting hours.. I believe the problems started, when I edited Main.bmp while it was in Any-Shape mode. The upper-left color was changed, but BSP didn't know that. BSP kept hiding the original color.
Things got worse when I made mistakes in the AddArea-code. I believe I edited Extbg.bmp, without BSP knowing that. Now it was completely unpredictable what was shown in Main.bmp.
Desperately I searched Skin.ini for the invisible color code, but it wasn't there. So where was it defined??.. The skin folder only has BMP-files, and 2 DAT-files. So it must be the Dat-files. I was cautious, and renamed them first. And when that worked, I deleted them..

Thanks for your support,Peter! Glad you're still around and involved here.. It isn't too crowdy here lately, to put it mildly.. But BSPlayer does deserve support! I'l start a new topic about desirable skins..
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