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Default Dvd-Buttons still useful..

adicoto answered elswhere:
Probably many users never used them so there is no bug report until yours, so the developpement team probably don't know about this bug.
On the other hand, I personally think DVDs are obsolete, I rather have a 4,5 GB HD MKV file than an ISO of a DVD, as all of DVD's functionality is also implemented in MKVs ( multiple audio tracks, multiple subtitles, menus and so). But in terms of can't compare them.

I answered:
Why people didn't report the Dvd-issue? They are too busy these days. They may blame it to their PC too. They may have too many issues with their PC already. They may be satisfied so far, when they get things done through the Menu. They may not take time to go to the Forum, create a login, and post about it. Who has time nowadays? :-)

Adding this: (I forgot the obvious..)

- Many people who buy Dvd's probably have a hardware Dvd-player too. They may have BSP Pro, but perhaps hardly use their PC for Dvd's.

- Regular Dvd-whatchers are probably used to use the Menu on the Dvd itself. So if only the Title-Button in BSP works, they still can go to that Menu, and do it from there. They may not see a reason for complaints.

- And Yes, Dvd's become obsolete.
You have to find them first, and inject them, and wait for them to load and to spin. Going back and forward in a movie can be slow. The player can be noisy. Your Dvd-collection in the closet isn't very mobile. And it can't be reached from other rooms in your house. (also house mates) You have to organise them, to find them back. And making a backup is a bit of an issue. (and expensive on double-disks)
You can avoid this all by making ISO's, and collect them on a large disk. (100-200 on a 1T harddisk)

But Still..
- In a paid version, these buttens should work.
- In ISO-format, Dvd's are not so obsolete or troublesome. And Dvd's are being used in any format on PC.
- Dvd Menu's for language and subtitles are not always very fast, and look different on every Dvd. A Menu from the Player is fast, and is always the same, so can be found more easily.
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