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Default 1. How to change, find, download, and install Skins!..

How to change, find, download, and install Skins!..

1. What is a Skin?
2. Finding better Skins..
3. Installing new Skins.
4. Some installation notes.
5. Making NEW skins!! :-)

1. What is a Skin?

If you choose a different ‘Skin’ in BS.Player, it will immediately change style and functions of the player.
You’ll see a complete new design, and may find new useful buttons.
Right-click on BS.Player > Options > Skins. (or press Alt+S) Move the upcoming window a bit, to keep the player in sight.
Click on a Skin name in the Skin list. BS.Player will instantly change, without restarting. The player will always use the last skin you chose.
Trying the skins is fun, but the designs in the current list (feb 2012) are quite outdated. You have no idea.. There is a complete skin-world outside..

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