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Default 3. Installing new Skins.

3. Installing new Skins.

In Windows Explorer, copy the downloaded skin from the download folder into BS.Player’s Skins Folder.
That’s all. Start or restart the skin window, and click on the new skin.
Here are the details, and solutions to some problems:

Where is BS.Player’s Skins Folder?
In the BSP Pro version: C:\Program Files\Webteh\BSplayerPro\Skins
In the freeware version: C:\Program Files\Webteh\BSplayer\Skins
In Windows 64 bits: C:\Program Files (x86)\Webteh\BSplayerPro\Skins
If you installed BS.Player in a different folder, look for the folder named “Skins” in there.

What to copy?
* A skin usually is only one file with a name like xxxx.BSZ.
This BSZ-file should be copied directly into the Skins Folder, so not in a subfolder of that. BSP will not see it in a subfolder.

* If the downloaded skin is packed in a ZIP or RAR file, unzip it to a new folder first.
If there is a BSZ file inside it, copy that BSZ file directly to the Skins Folder, so not to a subfolder of that.
Skinmakers may have used the zip-format, to add some other files like notes.

* A skin can sometimes come in folder-format.
The download will be a ZIP- or RAR-file, but unzipped it will become a folder with a lot of BMP images for buttons in it.
Be sure, you only copy the folder with the images to the Skins Folder.
If the images accidentally are in a subfolder of the folder you copy to the Skins folder, BSP cannot use the skin.

If you make a copy mistake, BS.Player may show the skin name in the skin list, but will not be able to use the skin. It will use Base-Skin instead.

To try the skin:
Right-click on the BS.Player panel > Options > Skins. Or press ALT+S.
If the Preferences-window with the Skin-List was already open, close it and reopen it.
Click on the skin name, and you should see BS.Player in it’s new skin. .

To enable Skinned Menu’s and windows.
BS.Players right-click Menu can be skinned too. The skinmaker may have chosen font colours and background colours to fit the skin design.
On the right side of the skin-list, you see 4 checkboxes. Check or uncheck the last three, and restart BS.Player to see the difference. You can have menu’s and windows in your current Windows Theme, or in the way the skinmaker designed it..

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