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Default 5. Making NEW skins!! :-)

5. Making NEW skins!! :-)

Why?.. There is no end to Design anyway, and it is fun to do.
And frankly, there may be really fantastic looking skins, but I am making my own now,
because I could not find a skin of my taste, with easy access to buttons for all great functions I often use.
Even fantastic looking ones may not be practical enough. So ‘the perfect skin’ isn’t there yet, and people have their own taste anyway.
And styles, prefs, and jokes are always an ongoing matter, developing itself in new directions..

But most of all: it is really fun to do.
If you like to puzzle a bit, and do a bit of graphical design, you can steam out your own little working machine.
And you might not have to be a great graphical designer to make a really good design.
It is a nice hobby, and most of it is not too hard to do. It does take some time to get used to it.
And learning how to use Gimp or Photoshop is fun.
And once you know what skin making is about, you can make better ones in a lot less time.
Base-Skin sucks anyway (no offence :-), so you can beat that one. :-)
I’ll write a few posts, to get you started.

(I am a newbe, so not really a Tizio, BSPeter, or Adicoto. But I am a writer, and can do what they haven’t got the time for.
But as a newbe I feel quite anxious to write with these specialists around.. :-) I'll do my best! :-)

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