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Angry Problems with 'Multiple Instances'

I use BS-Player on a system with 2 screens, the wide screen is for displaying the movies, the normal to control the movies.
So when I start a movie, the movie starts by default in the wide screen, in the other the control panel starts.
If I start a second movie (preview what comes next), then the movie is shown on the wide screen, on the normal screen - exact on the same position of the controll window of movie 1 - the second control window opens. If I click on this window (to jump into the middle of the preview) then in the wide screen the first video is shown (although the active control panel is showing the name of the second movie).
If I try to select with <Alt><Tab> to the control panel I'm totally lost: I have 4 tasks called only 'BSPlayer', no hint, which movie is shown behind which task. Also if I select BS-Player on the task bar: Here I see, which task is the movie and which the control panel, but I also do not get a hint which task is valid for which movie.

First I observed this problems when I changed to Win7 with BSP 2.57, recently I changed to 2.61, but the problem is the same.
Is there a chance to fix this?
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