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Default Re: ffdshow DirectShow decoding filter

Originally Posted by nasakotoqkata
It is true that it is not a BSPlayer problem but a codec problem. However updating to DivX 5.05 version does not solve it. I'm currently using ffdshow DirectShow decoding filter, a package of audio/video decoders which has a better error control than the original DivX codec. ffdshow skips those bad frames which usually freeze and keeps playing the movie. Instead of freezing you will probably see a blurry screen for a couple seconds after the bad frame is played. This is much better than the alternative! I have tried many codec packages but ffdshow is still the best one so far... You can download it at

You can try more aidio/video software at

P.S. ffdshow is only a decoder, not an encoder! You can only use it to play DivX / XVid movies! If you want to edit and save DivX / XVid movies (VirtualDub) you will need the actual DivX / XVid encoder. You should not have problems installing and using DivX, XVid, and ffdshow at the same time.
Thank you very much.
ffdshow is indeed preventing freezing of divx movies.
I have tested this out with a movie
containing some freezes and bad frames.
You only notice some "glitches" but it keeps running. :D

I need to have installed all codecs anyway.
If I try to use just ffdshow, most of my software does not find any codecs.
So I have now installed:


I think I do not need DivXAF.0_4 anymore,
which does anti-freeze, but only works for divx 3.11.
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