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I think it would be a nice option too.
But I do have a solution. 8)

There are only 3 types of aspect ratios:

4:3 (TV)
320x240 352x240 352x288 448x336 480x368 512x352
512x384 544x368 576x384 576x432 608x400 608x464
640x432 640x480 640x512 704x480 720x480 720x576

16:9 (Wide TV)
352x192 352x208 352x224 416x240 440x281 480x272
512x272 512x288 512x320 544x288 544x304 544x320
560x288 560x336 576x304 576x320 576x352 592x320
608x320 608x336 608x368 624x336 624x352 640x336
640x352 640x360 640x368 640x384 640x400 672x352
688x368 704x368 704x400 704x416 720x416 720x432 720x448

11:5 (Cinema)
416x176 512x216 512x224 528x256 560x240 560x264
560x272 576x240 576x256 592x256 608x256 608x288
624x272 624x304 640x272 640x288 640x304 656x288
688x288 704x320 704x336 720x304 720x320 720x336 720x352

To play movies on a widescreen TV,
you need to use the following table:

4:3 Movie = 1:1 Wide TV
16:9 Movie = 4:3 Wide TV
11:5 Movie = 16:9 Wide TV

So you only need to add aspect ratios 1:1 and 11:5
because 4:3 and 16:9 are already there.

I also did find these aspect ratios,
but they are actually very close to 11:5
I do not see any reason to add these ones,
but I want to make a complete list. :shock:

2:1 512x256 608x304 640x320
2.5:1 640x256 720x288
2.58:1 576x224 704x272
2.66:1 720x272 640x240
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