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Default Very curious ...

I was warned by speaking what is happening to all users of Windows 8 WMC Pro Pack, did not know what state my opinion regarding the issue, I can prove in court that BSPlayer caused me when the installed operating platform in Windows 8. As far as I remember there is no law which ban my freedom of expression, and if I called BS Player problem, expensive Ico-Man, is because it really is a problem when this operating system is installed and it blocks the use of the features of same system, so I think you should worry about resolving the issue and not warn me via private message, because if they think this kind of authoritarian attitude will make me be quiet, at least they are mistaken, because I will not change nor one syllable of my statements but reinforces them.

I'm not saying with this that the product has quality, utility and many points which give you credit, so that to date, even after I use it on Windows 7 Professional x64, pointed to several friends and clients, but it needs to be corrected urgently to protect yourself and provide value to customers who have paid for it and who are using Windows 8 as I and more than 4 million users who have already bought, and statistically speaking, with approximately 675 million registered users of Windows 7 that will likely migrate to it. That within the 70 million customers that you have purchased or downloaded afiram the BS Player, probably 80% of these will pass migrate to Windows 8. That's what I mean.

In short, I hope for corrective action and not in the software attempts to silence you are not satisfied.

A hug.

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