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Default [Feature request] Chapter Feature (.chf) please

In short:
Priority 1: PLEASE IMPLEMENT the .chf feature ASAP in the ANDROID App.
(Needing to use chapter feature currently forces to use Act1 Player's .bkm feature, thus missing all fine special BSplayer app's features!)

Priority 2: PLEASE ADD some ADDITIONS to the .chf feature for computer and Android.

I out myself as chapter enthusiast.
I bought both, first the Android App and, after testing the free version, some days ago the Windows Pro version! I would like to use these versions consistantly and interchangeably.

I especially admire the .chf feature in BSPlayer Pro.
I miss this feature in BSplayer Android app!
I strongly request to implement it ASAP in the Android App (Prio1).
I would like to use the same .chf file in BSplayer Pro (Windows Vista) and in BSplayer for Android!

I have some ideas to make the .chf feature even more excting (Prio2).
Interested? Where to should I e-mail or PM the details?


P.S. Hope you will fix the Pop Up Window bug soon!
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