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I know this might be a bit of a necro, but it was one of the first results in google and i can improve it for anyone that will search for this.

I was also having huge evr overlay stutter. I switched to madVR, but while it was fine for 720p, anything else it would give random errors while changing volume or such.

Oddly, the solution i found for fixing the EVR stutter was simple and stupid, right click, options, Always on top overlay mode. Make sure you check it, since weirdly, it only registers sometimes. When it does, you'll have stutter-free video, but oddly again, needs to be reset everytime.

This does have a weird downside, when you fullscreen, you'll click-through the video, and can only get it back via keyboard commands/options.

I don't know how or why this works, but it does.

Stats below for the devs if they're still checking this:

Win7 pro 32bit, v6.1 build 7601 sp1
Bsplayer 2.63 1071 (had this issue for a long while before this version)
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