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Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
Simply copying installation files from one PC to another will not help even if the paths used are the same, unless both PC's are fully idential (hardware and software, incl. drivers etc.). This surely is not the case for you, as one appears to be a desktop and the other a laptop. Also BS.Player´s settings which are optimal for one computer, may be very bad for another computer!
(Also, depending on your PC's operating system and the choices you made during installation, the settingsfiles will be in different locations on different PC's.)
Question: when you first installed BS.Player on your desktop, respectively your laptop, did you allow it to internally install its preferred codecs-filters? (Internally meaning for use by BS.Player only and not interfering with your system's codecs/filters.)
If you mean the filters which may show during the installation, then yes. There were several and i installed them all, but i reinstalled bs player yesterday and did not install any optional codes/filters. The only filter present is the Default Directsound Device and it seems to work. I deleted the copied files from my C: drive of course.

I now have access to my laptop and i see that once again only the Default Directsound Device is running and it works correctly.
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