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Question Associating MP4 files with BSPlayer

I'd like to launch BSPlayer when I click on an mp4 file in Chrome.

When I started with BSPlayer Free, the app appeared in the "Open with" dialogue in Chrome, together with MX Player (default for my device) and Chrome itself. Once I upgraded, though, neither BSPlayer Free nor BSPlayer appear in the list.

I've tried clearing the default associations for MX Player, BSPlayer and Chrome, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling each app. I've also tried using ASTRO File Manager to associate mp4 files with BSPlayer, but the latest version of ASTRO seems to have lost this file association function.

The workaround is to copy the link in Chrome and then open that URL in BSPlayer, but that's extra steps I'd rather not do. It sort of defeats the purpose of BSPlayer, which (for me at any rate) is a better end-to-end user experience.

Has anyone encountered this issue before? I realize this is probably more of a Chrome or OS question, but I thought somebody here might know off the top of their head.


PS My device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 phone running Android 4.0.4. I use an MHL (HDMI adapter) cable to play videos from the phone on my big LCD HDTV. The phone in turn is pulling the files off my NAS, which runs a little web server. The whole thing works great EXCEPT that I can't just click the link in Chrome and have the video launch in BSPlayer.
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