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Originally Posted by adicoto View Post

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- <!DOCTYPE Chapters SYSTEM "matroskachapters.dtd"> -->
Thanks a lot!
When I extracted from your sample.mkv then I got all in a practically unreadable single long line! How did you get the nice list structure with appropriate line breaks?

Do you know what is really stored in the mkv file, xml or ogm?

Now I understand "...But it's kind of the same thing" in #13.

Do you know if there is any software which would batch convert between collections (all chapters at once) of
"time+text <-> chf <-> ogm <-> xml" and vice versa?

Old ChapterXtractor would be able to do the "time+text <-> chf <-> ogm" part but not the xml part. Unfortunately, its abiltity can only be accessed if we give it DVD IFO ("RAW") data as primary input, which we normally do not have. So we can't use it for this task.

Have a nice weekend!
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