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Hi adicoto,
You ended long years spent looking for these options!
Thanks again!

Now, based on your important tips, a screenshot with the summary of our last posts:
(Upload reduced screenshot from original size 343 KB to size 148KB! But, to me, its message is readable.)
All necessary shortcuts are available regarding "jump ahead in video using keyboard shortcuts", all except one!

Missing a "Ctrl+??? shortcut" for Chapters menu text list! §)
To me, this is much more important than the Ctrl+C Chapters Viewer icon menu! If it is because of a missing free letter, then I would rather take Ctrl+C for the Chapter menu text list!
-> Ctrl+??? shortcut FEATURE REQUEST (for Ico-man) <-

Chapter controls in skins:
Ctrl+Z | Ctrl+B <<PREV | NEXT>> ... available in some skins
* BSplayer.v1
* sachlichkeit2
* WMP_11_Skin_by_OmYcroN
(Are there more skins with chapter controls?)

Missing, skin controls equivalents for
Ctrl+J ... Jump to Time
Ctrl+??? ... Chapters menu text list §)
right click ... Options menu
-> Skin controls FEATURE REQUEST (for Ico-man) <-

Ctrl+J ... Jump to Time should be enhanced to obey the option "Show media time in milliseconds", i.e. hh:mm:ss.msf, if checked in General settings! It should get enabled for reading, modifying and COPY/PASTE of the time value.
-> FEATURE REQUEST (for Ico-man) <-

§) are my FRs regarding missing sdk items ???
in BSPlayer API v 1.2 (C:\Program Files\Webteh\BSplayerPro\sdk\bsp.h)
#define BSP_ViewChp 23 ... found (is it for Chapter Viewer icons menu ???),
an equivalent sdk item
#define BSP_ViewCHPTextMenu ... NOT found for Chapters text list menu !!!

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