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Originally Posted by adicoto View Post
...You can obtain a value, but there's nothing there.
If I pause playing, then I see a specific frame, e.g. frame 4710 on the timeline. If I step 1 frame forward then I see the next frame, frame 4711. It may be entirely different than the previous frame and look much better as frame to represent the chapter. What should I write down to quickly come back to frame 4711? The frame number! But as time code? Both frames lie within the same second.
How should I tell BSplayer to jump to frame 4711 and not to frame 4710? It will need more precision than just the second! The DirectX filter, which BSplayer internally uses, will return (trim to the beginning of) frame 4711 as long as it gets a millisecond fraction which lies within the time span when the frame is shining on the timeline. It will know that BSplayer and I mean frame 4711.

I may be wrong, but most video players and video editors have either frame number or millisecond precision or both for adressing specific frames.

I would be happy if BSplayer also joined the club.
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