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Originally Posted by BSPeter View Post
What happens if you type the frame-number in the appropriate box (at the right)?...
An excellent idea! Thanks for your advice!
Is it really such a big deal to enhance BSplayer's Ctrl+J time value box to Media Player Classic Ctrl+G level?
Is it really necessary in BSplayer to hijack Windows' Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V and force the user to delightful triple action for a simple Copy/Paste (right mouse button click, popup action focusing Copy or Paste, left mouse button clicking Copy or Paste)? Very delightful, indeed!
Is it really impossible to find a Ctrl+? character to directly jump to the chapter menu list?

I am not a programmer, but I guess, these matters do not belong to the really difficult software development tasks. So, what? Why need we talk about these peanuts? Why not simply deliver it in the next upgrade?

Imagine, you have some 30 time values as hh:mm:ss.msf chapter points of interest in your longer video files.
Imagine the awesome fun and pleasure to convert these 30+ time values to frame-numbers first so that you can enter the respective frame-numbers into the frame-number box.
Yes, this certainly will prevent overloading poor BSplayer Pro v2 and, as a bonus, provides some fine brain jogging for user's Brain v0.9beta.

Only n00bs prefer to simply copy/paste e.g. 00:03:08.440 directly into an appropriate time box instead of enjoying to delightfully convert the time value 00:03:08.440 first to frame number 4711 (25fps) and repeat this awarding experience other 30+ times for the other chapter time codes.

IMHO, BSplayer for Windows and for Android currently is an excellent player as far as _playing_ of _single_ media files (*.m2ts, *.mkv, *. mpv, etc.) is concerned.
But, the Android version does not even support BSplayer's own *.chf chapters (which BSplayer for Windows invented and supports since decades)!!!
The Windows version does not support compound BD and AVCHD (BDMV folders and files) structures! There are other players of comparably prizing which fully support BD/AVCHD (BDMV) folder structures. On my Android devices I do not care about BD/AVCHD strutures. I do not care for subtitles. But I care a lot for chapters and bookmarks! I will not be happy as long as chf-feature is missing in BSplayer for Android!

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