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Default Playing youtube files twice in landscape mode

Hi all,
I'm running the latest version of bsplayer on an xperia z ultra, android 4.2.2, and I have a problem that is really bugging me now, I've searched the forum and the internet in general and can't find an answer.
When playing a youtube video, for example by clicking a link in the facebook app, if I keep the phone in portrait mode it plays fine then immediately quits and goes back to the previous app, in this example facebook, as I presume it should.
But if I watch the same video(s), (I've tried loads), in landscape mode, the video always gets to the end then flashes the buffering notification and plays the video again, only after it's played twice will it then quit and go back to the previous app e.g. facebook.
I've also checked that the playback mode is set to repeat none, and checked this whilst the video is playing as well.
It's the only thing that's keeping me from purchasing the full version, because I think it's absolutely perfect apart from this.
Am I missing something or is this a bug ?
Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions anyone has, Dave.
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