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Default Choppy video using overlay.


I've got a problem with divx playback, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me.

I'm currently using Radeon 9600 Pro with P4 2,4 and a 845 chipset (ASUS P4B-533E)

When I playback divx files with Overlay, I get choppy playback from time to time. When I turn off overlay, the video is perfectly smooth. But instead, I get these distortions over the image. These distortions only occur when using BSPlayer.

When I use Windows Media Player without Overlay, everything is perfect, except that I miss using BSPlayer and all its functions.

Does anyone know either how I can get rid of those choppy divx playback with Overlay, or getting rid of those distortions when I use BSPlayer without Overlay?

Or maybe a suggestion for another player that is similar to BSPlayer?

Thank you in advance m(_ _)m
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