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Default Two serious unreported bugs! Help please.

(I've searched the somewhat short FAQ and these forums all over and couldn't find any of these mentioned. I apologize if these issues have already been resolved)

I've been having these glitches for a while now.
Cleaned registry and reinstalled build 501, but alas, they remain.

#1: As you can see in the attached capture, overlay or no overlay, YV12 on or off, the video in the play window gets "shoved" to the left left like 200 pixels by what appears to be a band which consists of a distorted (unevenly resized) image of a part of my desktop.

If I move the play window around, the image of the desktop moves with it, which suggests an overlay problem, but even with overlay off, I still get this.

Strangely enough, the video displaying on the TV is normal (I am using Nvidia's in-driver util for auto playing overlay on TVout, and yes even with this turned off the problem persists).

To add to the weirdness, the captured jpeg shows the band on the left side of the play window, while it actually shows on the right. I captured using "what you see" option.

Needless to say having a big part videos hidden and replaced by a weird band makes viewing videos on screen a bit annoying, though I still use BSPlayer for viewing on TV.

#2: BSplayer seems to go on an endless loop of going fullscreen and back to desktop over and over again on some AVIs (though not mpeg4 ones like xvid, divx, etc). I've noticed the mouse cursor gets centered every time it goes back to desktop (by centered I mean positioned at X-1/2X, Y-1/2Y). Closing the app with ALT-F4 gives a crash.

Relevent configuration:

BSPlayer 0.8 build 501
NV31 (GeForce 5600) w/ latest detonator drivers
WinXP SP1 w/ DX9
TV as second monitor
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