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Yes, yes, yes! Please make bsplayer add line breaks if the subtitles are too long to fit the screen. I can't tell you what a pain it is to be playing a movie for friends, and in the middle of the film, have subtitles appear all jumbled on top of themselves because bsplayer doesn't know how to handle long lines.

I don't expect or want it to change the font size; just make it insert a line break when necessary, as every other half-intelligent text handling program does.

Now, as every user is free to select what type of regular "standard" or odd and exceptional font (s)he wishes to use to display subtitles, or what size and/or weight of font ... and as most fonts are not "monospace" (even if no "kerning" is used), I can imagine it will take quite some arithmatic to figure this out for a full screen display (at different resolutions?), let alone if the movie is displayed in a freely resizable window!
Nonsense. As edv pointed out, text dimensions are readily available from Windows. It's totally simple to program such calculations.

Yet it w(c)ould imply additional CPU load I think
Not any amount that you would notice. Compared to the CPU time used for decoding video (or even audio) a simple text size calculation like that would increase the load by less than 0.1%.

that is the reason why I used VobSub
Yeah, but using vobsub for this is an ugly kludge. BSPlayer already handles subtitles natively, and it does so well in most respects. This small change would be so very elegant. (I was actually rather surprised when I discovered that it doesn't break long lines already.)

I would suggest just to fix the subtitles
Are you kidding? I *really* don't want to tell my guests to watch me mess around with a text editor when we discover the problem in the middle of watching a movie. Also, what about video that's being played from a CD? Am I supposed to hand edit the subtitles and burn a new CD copy every time I run into long lines of text? Even if I wanted to be so wasteful, the edited text might still not be right for playing on someone else's system, with a different font or screen size. No, line breaks should definitely be calculated dynamically, as needed. Trying to figure out the best way to hand edit a subtitle file to fit all displays is inaccurate and basically a pain in the neck. I've already done it too many times.
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