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Default Re: yas yas yoo - bsplayer RULLLZ 4ever!

Originally Posted by raducanu horea
right now i am very happy !!!
hmm.. let me think - i've never been so happy before :lol:

and if you don't know why - i`ll tell you - i`ll tell everybody !
i`ve discovered BSPLAYER !!!
it`s just great !!! until now i used radlight - but a lot of movies
didn`t play fine - the sound was always behind the action
i tried lots of codecs - fddshow, all kinds of xvid and divx,
nimo, ace mega codecs pack, etc - all that i could find,
and still the same s*i* ! it didn't worked fine, and i don't know
why - my video card has 128 mb and i also have 512 mb ram
so what was the problem - OF COURSE - RADLIGHT !!!
and mediaplayer, and all the rest
but i found bsplayer, and all the movies work great - u know
what i mean - G R E A T ! :D

bsplayer is the perfect player for video files, plus is very
customisable and it has a lot of suffs like desktop mode
and that kind, that makes it perfect

from the second i saw how it works i`ve uninstalled radlight
and that is not gonna change - i`ll never install that crappy
again - ugh - it S * C * S !!!

bsplayer RULLLZ !
Maybe you should check out the latest RadLight 4 alpha before making such statements

Take care,
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Latest version of the RadLight 4 multimedia player : RadLight 4 BETA 1 (build 2)
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