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Default Some Vids from my NAS do not start properly (stumbling, loosing frames)


have found an easy solution if that happens: I just 'rewind' some seconds/frames of the vid and from then on it works perfect through the rest of the video.

The effect never occurs when the next video in a directory (playlist) starts, only the first start sometimes has that effect, even with rather small low res AVI files ...

A solution could be an additional entry in the option settings allowing some extra time to sync with WLAN and/or the decoding codec.
I've seen a similar option with another player (windows)...
Android VLC always has a 'waiting' cycle starting a vid, posibly to avoid such problems

BTW: to my opinion BSplayer is the best Android video player. I am especia─║ly fond of the directory based approach of the player. No need to fumble with separate playlists etc...

Very harmful for me, that the Windows version of BSplayer is limited to file oriented use though!
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