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Default many thanks to the Q

I had same problem.
The audio is on, but the window-screen is not visible. If pressing [F] key from keyboard, is calling the full screen function and the movie is visible on my screen. This is a problem half resolved.
The full resolved problem is like this:
Enter into your [Display Settings] - and when you see the monitor 1 and monitor 2 rectangles (assuming you have 2 monitors) switch them by dragging one in front of another. Dont forget to press Apply. Open your bsplayer. If the window-screen is showing, just drag it to the other monitor. Now close the bsplayer. Switch back the monitors into the original position. Start bsplayer again. You should have your window-screen in the right place now.

I think(but i didnt do it yet), by unplugging the cord of the second monitor and starting the bsplayer while you have a Single monitor working, should do the trick just fine. Move the bsplayer-window-screen a bit just to register other coordinates in its initialization file. Close the player. Plug in back the second monitor and it should appear in its correct position on screen.

The last option(also not tried) is to get the initialization file, search for your movie name inside it, delete all the saved properties for that movie name, and you basically have the movie as it was never played before by your player. Save the file!
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