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Originally Posted by junkmail View Post now same bullshit as on win?
it exist millions free ac3 it have nothing to do with dolby patent/copyright...than the free codecs on windows are illigal? thinking people!
Also, no. You apparently don't understand anything that is going on with those codecs. You should educate yourself before blurting things out.

Microsoft either owned the codecs (WMV based ones), they actually were patent unencumbered (PCM codecs) or the patent holders granted free licenses (FLAC), or Microsoft paid for a license, which I think they did with mpeg-2 in some versions of Windows (Media Center), but which is why there is no mpeg2 codec in Windows 10 and as a result you can't play a DVD out of box with Windows 10 without installing something/buying something.

Another good example of this, Firefox has H.264 support not because H.264 is free, but Cisco paid the royalties to the MPEG LA.

Further, some codecs are free for implementation in players, but not in encoders.
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