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Unhappy files from download as mp4/BS Player files and not as .gif files


I'm trying to download gif files from to use on my website.

I select a gif, for example:

When I try to download it as "small" or even as "social", the file opens in a new window. I then right-click on the gif and a menu opens up where I can only "save video as" and save it as a mp4 file (bs player file). No other options are available.

I obviously don't want to download it as a BS Player file, but as a .gif file, and with a small format to avoid weighing down my page.

I am however able to download the file as a .gif if I just right click it from the search page. Problem is, the file is too heavy then and even running it through compressio doesn't yield good enough results.

I've also tried to embed the file on my site: it becomes a giant-sized mp4 that looks awful.

I'm using Firefox and Windows 10. I've already changed the default app for gifs on my computer to Photos, instead of BS Player.

To sum it up: how can I download a file from as a relatively light .gif file to be used on a website.

I would really appreciate your suggestions, as this is driving me nuts right now.
Thanks and have a good day
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