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Post SRT problems - can't use UNICODE, win 7

I am currently trying to write out a subtitle for a hungarian movie in serbian. Bare in mind there are some šđć and some ábéc symbols in those languages So i figured I would download only available english file - and write over those lines.

Ok so i usually check in few players at the time. And I used three .srt files to show you here my problem.
I will use a lot of screenshot for clarity.
So i downloded a .srt file for some random thing I happen to have on my HDD just to prove myself everything is fine. The file is .srt and I checked it's encoding by going to save as. It's ANSI and it shows all the serbian character i need. as usual

then i tried the english file of the movie I need (not random) and It also works. It also works if you upload it to youtube. It's srt, ANSI. and as the screenshot shows it can display both and hungarian and english languages. explanation>> the hungarian characters are there to show certain names of the movie characters

my, edited file doesnt work - this is the working version so it's full of all three languages: serbian (which i typed in) and hungarian and english. but this one doesnt work.

i tried setting it to unicode but no player(not even bs player) responds to it. Youtube reports errors, and subtitle workshop alerts me that it is unsuported.

I cannot save it in ANSI cause it alerts that it will ``replace my special characters``

I also tried some tips shown here like going to:

control panel>regional settings>administrative> change system locale (>restart) na Serbian (Latin, Serbia and montenegro former)

I tried setting the options>subtitle>font>central european because there is no point to it. It doenst show any changes because, as I suspect the file is broken as it is. I didn't even reach the part of the problem with the player settings. And I believe those are fine, because I watched million movies with all the quirky ŠĆČŽ east europe symbols and ate all the chips along the way, with no bother.

I am on win7 32bit
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