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I've been happy with the Pro version for the last 10 years. To my local friends here in the US, remember that BS Player is from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Although its a technology hub, it's still the EU. I've worked with developers/companies from both places - there is definitely cultural differences. My Point: Most have no idea what goes into development of a software product, what goes on behind the scenes, let alone cultural stuff. BS Player is side project for parent company AB Team. Regular revenue must come from someplace and that is their e-commerce solutions sold to Slovenian businesses.

But it cracks me up, even at my age, how people nowadays are compelled to complain about FREE apps, even those for $5 or $10. I saw revenue around $150k per year, making BS Player unsustainable unless it's a side project. As we use say in the 70's "It has to work each time, every time, all the time". What's not surprising is that 40 years later, people still expect this same performance. Back then we used 6-8 circuit boards, each the size of an album cover, to run one video game. Developers are now faced with 20,000+ different devices, running various OS versions, with infinite possibilities of conflicting junk on those devices - within two worlds (PC and mobile).

Most of the time apps like this start out with one person, a good developer who spots a need. The technology development never comes easy but they are passionate so they push long days, long hours. But they are faced with many challenges. In this case they are faced with language barriers, typically have no Board for insight, no investors for cash, and MUST also learn how to run an entire business - on the fly. They need a comprehensive website, understand all the rules for entry on the Play Store, rollout and support forums, and so on. Establishing the banking side alone can be overwhelming and downright frustrating. Think on this, the revenue of 4,000 "BS Pro" subscribers could be eaten up in a month just for legal advice/representation.

I wish some apps, those I use on a regular basis, could withstand a $50 to $150 price point and still produce a volume of customers. That would insure small companies like BS Player could hire dedicated full time staff, make this a full time job, deliver regular features and updates, and make good money for their families. Because of globalization, and kids who have no overhead (Mom's basement), anything over $20 is considered "way to much", the QVC mindset.

I say Hoorah! to BS Player. You are still alive and kicking after all these years. You have kept this product alive while branching off into ecommerce solutions - where people tend to pay good money for your efforts.
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