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Post [Solved] Default Subtitles language is always "french" [in .mkv files]

Hello to BS-Player staff/forum!

I used BS-Player many years (10 maybe ) and i love it!
I have v2.76 free (build 1090) on win 10 Pro (in french OS default language).

I have recently learned to select automatically the default audio language for a movie/anime (often in .mkv) and it is working great as far as i know. (i watch a ton of anime always in Japanese Audio & Eng Subtitles, and movies/series always in VO Eng & Eng ST... even if i'm french.)

But i have a "bug/problem" with the auto/default subtitles language. My windows is in French, and so BS-player always auto-select the french subtitles (even if i specify "eng" in the option in subtitles; or a "track number" to select... which is not very useful to me because the order of the ST are not always the same in my many files to watch) in multi-sub .mkv files (that are current nowadays); Even if i switch to english for the menus of BS-Player, "french ST" are always taken first. The ST are .ass here, but i think .srt will do the same.

I tried many options in the ST section of BS-Player (launching BS-P in admin-mode too), but nothing works. I tried with external (exported from the .mkv file) files and then it shows than BS-Player always take the first in alphabetic order to play. (so there is no "auto selection" here if ST are in the same repertory as .ass, but i don't know if this feature is supposed to exist here )

I searched many hours in the forum & on google many times (and found some guy with the same problem in 2010), but never found an answer.

Even if there is a known bug here, if i just could modify/create a file in BS-player (.ini etc...), or trick it to take "Eng" instead for default selection of ST (which is clearly working for French i can see, but i simply can't select the language i want here)... or a plugin to select that, i will take it!

Thanks in advance!
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