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Default Black level bug (greyish black)

I have started using a bit MPC-BE player and noticed somehow the BS.P's image looks worse - then I found out that in BS.P -Video - Color controls I had some settings, mainly Brightness at -24 - I raised it and black became grey.

I have probably had this problem ever since, but instead of fixing it I thought this will fix it, but while it works, it also reduces contrast, so while it can make blacks black again it also reduces the brightness of other colors.

(left is BS.P, right is MPC-BE)

It looks like it is forcing everything into 16-235 limited range and there seems to not be the option to switch it to a full range. MPC-BE has this in its Video options which confirms my theory, after switching it there to a limited range it looks identical to BS.P.

Any idea how to fix it?
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