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Default Bs-player crashing

So for the past several months I have had an issue with bs-player crashing (really worked fine before that). I have my home pc hooked to tv via hdmi when I watch movies. Like I said, lately bs-player started crashing and I have no idea whats causing it. But it happens like this: the X movie works for X amounts of time, then black screen for 2 sec, then bs player crashes. (when it crashes it changes tv resolution and sometimes sound doesnt work after that). Thats how it crashes at least 5-6 times during a movie, after it does I have to replug hdmi and then reset bs-player.
Im certain it isnt a tv or hdmi cable issue, because movies via bs-player on my laptop to tv work fine. It also isnt up to the specific movie to crash bs-player.

My home pc specs are: i7 6700, gt 1030, 8gb ram.

Things I have tried are:
-reinstalled bs player/ reset all settings
-updated codecs
-updated gpu drivers/ reset all graphic settings on nvidia control panel
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